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Ep. 14 Episode 14

Hello friends, I'm Ernie the Horse Guy and welcome to this week's episode of Better Horses TV. We've got a great show lined up. We're going to start off going to Heartland Therapeutic Riding center to meet some fascinating instructors and fascinating folks out there. Then we're going to head south a little bit further down to the Brad Lund country otherwise known as Lundland. We're going to have a great time there. He's one of the premier ropers, cow horse trainers not only in the area, but in the country. We're going to get a chance to talk to him and then also see how his son the G-man, Garettt is getting involved in the operation there. Then you're going to also see about a really neat service we have as far as when it comes to flight control around the area. Then we're going to top it off with another episode of Hearty Grub with Cheftel Mark Burkdoll. We're going to take you a little bit and have a little bit of southern style cooking with a pork chops, with poke salad, with some just unbelievable corn. It would be take it back. It's going to be sweet potato hash. You're going to really enjoy that. Go back and get yourself a cup of coffee after this break come back and join us with Better Horses TV

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