The Successful SOULopreneur

Ep. 1 Divorce with Children is Difficult. Co-Parenting Help is Here

Being a parent is hard enough! Parenting after divorce supersizes that job into another stratosphere. Tune in for tips and encouragement. Co-parents deserve to be supported and not judged, so they can focus on their children without giving up, giving in or denying their own needs.

Co-Host: ShaRon Rea, Whole Family Coaching

ShaRon Rea, certified life and family coach, author, speaker and owner of The Whole Family Coaching, is a compassionate woman with a strong business background in communications, education, childcare, and public service. Her joy and purpose is to educate and inspire parents, children and adults to live together with love, respect and cooperation. She is also on a serious mission to make the world a better place as founder of the global movement No Judgment. Just Love.® inspiring us all to live together with unconditional allowance…one courageous action at a time. "Peace in your family and in the world. Both are possible!"

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