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Ep. 33 Craft64

Big thanks to my man Stefan Canchola, aka AZ Beer Jedi for joining me in this episode, providing the pics and for the following write-up. In beautiful and luxurious Scottsdale Arizona you will find a wonderful playground of attractions and delights to satisfy any taste or craving, from world class restaurants, resorts, shopping and entertainment, but did you know you will also find the best craft beer in all the state, literally. Tucked safely in the heart of what is known as "Old Town" you will find the 2nd oldest house in the area. Built in 1937, 6922 E Main St had only been home to a few businesses but for the most part had been neglected and abandoned and anyone wanting to use the location definitely had their work cut out for them. Opening it's doors on Saturday March 7, 2015, Craft 64 (http://www.craft64.com/) hit the ground running as a force to be reckoned with not just in the craft beer community but as a destination spot for locals and tourists looking for a great place for a quality drink, out of this world pizza and a great atmosphere with a sole focus on what is arguably one of the most important thing to foodies and beverage seekers, local first and locally sourced. The Beer: All Arizona, All the time! Featuring 31 handles, here you will find beer from all over Arizona, and especially from places you didn't realize had a brewery, Yuma? Kingman? If it's in Arizona they probably will get a keg of it. This is the perfect place for locals because if driving to Lochiel Brewing in the far east valley or 8-Bit on the far Westside is too much of a chore, Craft 64 is conveniently located right in the middle. House Beers: Yes they brew their own beer but not on site. In a partnership that's been extremely successful Craft 64 has been contract brewing with SunUp Brewing of Phoenix and has collaborated with Dubina Brewing of Glendale on their incredible Mango Sour to which I'll say is basically a perfect beer. In regards to the house beers it's something I've said every time I've tried one of them for the first time, they know what their doing, who they're brewing for and they do it very well! The food: No Freezers, no fryers, no microwaves and no gas, see where I'm going with this? Just say no to no quality. Ingredients from pizza dough, mozzarella, pizza sauce, salad dressing are all made fresh daily. Tomatoes and that amazing crack bacon are all locally sourced and the marriage of these treasures are brought together in a pizza oven that comes straight from Italy powered by pecan wood On most days when you visit you will find behind the bar working like a general to keep things smooth and flowing, local craft beer hero James Swann, a self described beer enthusiast and recovering beer snob. Swann has a storied and accomplished history in helping grow the love for craft beer in the Phoenix area. When asked about his experience and contribution to the scene he remains extremely humble and grateful to those whom he's credited learning from and allowed him to run with his ideas. You owe it to yourself to check out what is being celebrated on a regular basis by the likes of Phoenix Magazine, USA Today, local news networks and social media as one of if not the best restaurants and beer bars in Arizona. ENJOY!!! ~ AZ Beer Jedi Follow AZ Beer Jedi on his Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/beerjediaz/ Follow the AZ Food & Beer Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Az-Food-Beer... ...full website coming in October! Intro/Outro music is "La Negra Tomasa" by a badass local Arizona band Fayuca https://www.fayuca-music.com/ ----------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe to the Podcast on iTunes or Google Play Music! TapThatAZ on iTunes http://apple.co/2z8natZ TapThatAZ on Google Play Music http://bit.ly/2iddivU Or even listen directly on https://tapthataz.com ----------------------------------------------------------------- Follow Craft64's Social Media! https://www.instagram.com/KingJamesSw... https://www.f

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