Connection Hosted by Gary Rahman your Real Estate Rock Star

Ep. 39 Connection with Gary Rahman - with special guest Kamose Muhammad

Mr. Kamose Muhammad is the primary founder, chairman and chief executive officer of Freedom Paper Company LLC, a Black owned manufacturer of bathroom tissue and a master distributor of personal paper, Jan San, light chemical, food service, and stationary products having corporate offices in DE and MD. Mr. Muhammad is charged with the chief responsibility for management of the company’s administration, policy, finance, and personnel matters. Mr. Muhammad was elected in August 2016 and currently serves as the First Assistant President General of the UNIA-ACL, the grassroots, Black power, Black Nationalist organization founded by the Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey and formerly severed as the Student National Facilitator/Chairman of the Committee for the Development of the National Ministry of Trade and Commerce of the Nation of Islam. In both positions Mr. Muhammad is involved in the organizing of Black and other aboriginal business persons and entities; furthering the marshaling of interest for the betterment of economic conditions, increased economic growth and vibrancy in Black and aboriginal communities. Prior to the founding of Freedom Paper Company LLC, Mr. Muhammad served as a managing member and corporate officer of various construction firms, operated as a Licensed Realtor/Realtist with Century 21, was a freelance residential/commercial finance officer, and owner of his own property management company, Park Place Real Estate Management, managing over 300 properties. Mr. Muhammad has worked as a community organizer serving as the president of the Liberty/Garrison Merchant Association from 1994-1995, founding and becoming the first president of the first Black Chamber of Commerce in Baltimore MD from 2001-2002, a Member of the Greater Baltimore Board of Realtors Legislative Committee from 1999-2004, and a member of the National Association of Real Estate Brokers, a historical association of Black Real Estate Professionals from 1999-2004. Mr. Muhammad often works with youth, youth programs, and schools lecturing on business and economics. Mr. Muhammad also has been invited to participate on various community leadership panels. Of note he was part of an august panel of business and political leaders at an event tilted, “Unity in the Community” held in Orlando FL, September 7, 2013 where he discussed the subjects of business and job creation. The panel discussion was hosted by nationally known radio personality Michael Baisden. In 2014, Mr. Muhammad was invited to be a panelist in a discussion of challenges and solutions for African people centering on unity, liberation, and economic empowerment. The panel was made up of community leaders from various organizations including renowned author and scholar, Dr. Marimba Ani. The panel discussion moderated by community leader, MaMa Akosus Ali-Sabree, took place August 16, 2014 during the recent historical centennial celebration of the founding of the magnificent UNIA-ACL, The Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey, and the founding ancestors of the black government. Mr. Muhammad has also been the keynote speaker for various Black business associations throughout the country. Mr. Muhammad is a native of Maryland, with three children and often relates the story which his mother told him. She stated that when Mr. Muhammad was five years old or less she asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up and Mr. Muhammad replied, “I want to be a businessman.” Mr. Muhammad believes that his innate love of business and people have been forged in him in such a way that his mission in life is to see black and other undeserved communities achieve true economic freedom and reciprocity.

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