Marketing Money Mindset

Ep. 8 Chaos

MMM team recapped the pain associated with the Atlanta Falcons and their Super Bowl meltdown, while Elisa Lane demonstrated a clear apathy for the big game. Judgment and disgust were in full effect when certain unnamed co-hosts (Elisa Lane and Jen Graffice) confessed their allegiance to McDonald's "cuisine" After discussing details surrounding an alleged holiday (that no one had a problem with), the team agreed that chaos can play an important role in getting out of your comfort zone, breaking your routine and moving you closer to realizing true potential. Special guests for the week were introduced: Angela Coby - Shark Tank Major Mom ( shared her experience on "Shark Tank" and her ability to leverage the disciplines she learned as a Major in the US Army into extreme success in the business world. Karen McGregor - Speaker & Coach ( reviewed the importance of structure, preparation, and confidence when pursuing success in all facets of life, including public speaking.

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