Chewing The Scenery

Ep. 21 Can I Steal You for a Sec

We know you're wondering, "How could Scott and Ashley put together a show that features improv acting, musical theatre and The Bachelor?!" To which we reply, "What're you? Living under a rock?" Richelle Meiss is in the mansion and she's gonna serve us our "most dramatic episode yet" as she lets us into the world of Bachelor: The Unauthorized Parody Musical! We're gonna hear about how she started, what it's like to be part of the Upright Citizens Brigade, how she parlayed a TikTok frenzy over her hilarious Bachelor songs into a full-fledged future national tour and sooooo much more. I mean, it's better than an episode of "the women tell all!" Join us in sipping our drink of the week, The Final Ros...e' and laughing our faces off in the ridiculous Actors Die So Loud! We promise this is a Group Date that is sooo worth it!

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