Chewing The Scenery

Ep. 19 Broadway Perspectives

It's a bonus episode!!! And, oh what a bonus it is! We have Lana Gordon and Jelani Remy in the house. These powerhouse, triple-threat performers are here to talk all about their upcoming concert in Scottsdale: Broadway Perspectives - A Concert Celebrating Diversity. You know how we are, though, and we are going to get them talking about soooo much more. From where it all started to their stunning debuts in The Lion King and fabulous forks in the road that led to things like Chicago and Ain't Too Proud - we'll get all the facts and the fun out of these two! See how they handle the challenges of our hilarious games, "The Whether Report" and "Two Truths and a Lie...on King" and see how they handle their alcohol as we slurp up our drink of the week - The Broadway Breeze. All this and lots more are heading your way. Listen and share today!!

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