This Just Got Real Estate Aaron Lacey & Ashlee Miller

Ep. 19 Austin Zaback

Austin was born and raised in the valley of the sun by his grandparents. Austin was born an entrepreneur, from a young age he was surrounded by people that were business owners and people that were never satisfied with the status quo. Starting a small business at 8 years old he has continued to grow into a serial entrepreneur, running multiple business aside from his flagship industry being Real Estate. He has developed a phenomenal mindset from his experiences and is truly a game changer when it comes to outworking his competition. Austin admits he has failed more times than most people try. He has built several large international organizations and created an extraordinary network of individuals. He is not only the top millennial REALTOR but a successful investor, creator of an online Real Estate Course called “Real Estate Mastery”, and runs a social media agency. He aspires to influence others and change the world; he stated “I don’t want to be great, I want to be a LEGEND.”

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