Net Concepts with Aaron Wagner

Ep. 3 Aaron Wagner of Net Concepts

In this episode we discuss the origins of Net Concepts AZ, from our founding in 1997 to today. From our journey to give our customers value in the best performing systems for their money until we faced China’s army 61398. Our customers needed a change in tactics and that is how we arrived in the Cyber Security space.

Unit 61398: Chinese Cyber-Espionage and the Advanced Persistent Threat

We discuss the benefit of compliance. We also touch on layers of security and where Net Concepts fits into a company’s strategy.

Though we couldn’t locate an article that pre dates the 2010 Google attack, the 2010 attack and the article demonstrate the same issue. These articles point to one thing, operating out of China is risky at best.

China’s Global Reach: Surveillance and Censorship Beyond the Great Firewall

TikTok says it will stop accessing clipboard content on iOS devices

Zoom suspends account of US-based Chinese activists after Tiananmen meeting

Google may pull out of China after cyberattacks

Chinese hackers who breached Google reportedly targeted classified data

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