ABHA Listen and Learn

Ep. 1 A New Beginning

Welcome to the very first episode of our brand new podcast, ABHA Listen & Learn! This podcast is focusing on all things hear and balance related with an emphasis on treatments and new treatment technology.

The show is hosted by the founder of Arizona Balance & Hearing Associates (ABHA), Dr. Dana Day, her long time partner in audiology, Dr. Susan Schmidt, and ABHA media director, Court Stumpf.

Dr. Dana Day has been caring for hearing and balance patients in Phoenix, Arizona for over 35 years. Her passion and care for patients is more than apparent as she continues to be a leader in the field of hearing, balance, and cognitive disorders.

Seventeen years ago, she founded Arizona Balance & Hearing Associates (ABHA) with the mission of providing hearing and balance healthcare that puts patients first; by listening, educating, and partnering with them toward “Better Balance, Better Hearing, Better Life.

With over 20 years experience working with patients with balance disorders, Dr. Susan Schmidt continues to push the envelope of treatments and therapies. She is one of the few audiologists specializing in helping those with tinnitus or ringing in the ears. Her work with national tinnitus studies has provided new information and greater education on the topic, along with helping countless patients find relief from their tinnitus.

Dr. Schmidt performs specialized evaluations and recommends therapies specifically for tinnitus. She has been treating patients at Arizona Balance and Hearing since it was established 17 years ago.

IN THIS EPISODE: Dr. Day, Dr. Schmidt, and ABHA media director, Court Stumpf, discuss the latest Tinnitus study results conducted by Dr. Schmidt as well as the debut of her new Tinnitus study.




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