What's Wrong

Can exploring and educating on psychological challenges be entertaining? You bet! Listen now

Dr. Ted Diethrich My Story

Regarded as a pioneer in the treatment and prevention of heart disease, Dr. Ted Diethrich, founder of the Arizona Heart Institute. Listen now

The Clinic

Tune in every Thursday from 2-3pm for mental health news and advice. Diana and Kevin take listener calls, talk to treatment professionals and community members in the Valley, and provide education to … Listen now

Journey to a Healthy Lifestyle

Therése Paul is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Life and Wellness Coach who has dedicated over 20 years to helping people change their lives by improving their overall health. Therése is the ow… Listen now

Kick Up Your Life with Master Mel

It’s time to experience mastery in your life. Join Master Mel as she investigates what it takes to experience a greater level of success. Every show will feature an amazing guest who will share the… Listen now

Your Road to Personal Addiction Recovery

Wednesday's 10am - Heroin and opiate prescription pain medication addiction is a massive health problem that is pandemic and now threatens an entire generation of young people, aged 21-35, their fami… Listen now

Healthy Senior Living with Smiles by Delivery

Healthy Senior Living explores all aspects of creating happy and healthy senior lifestyles with a special focus on healthcare. We are always exploring the best health options for seniors and we work … Listen now

The Scrub Brothers Show

We’re putting the body back together! The Scrub Brothers will demystify the morass that our current health care system finds itself in. In addition, our goal is to discuss simple and not so simp… Listen now

The God Show

For 17 years The God Show, on radio, pursued answers to spiritual questions that have been debated for centuries. The God Show isn't a program about religions. It's a weekly opportunity to delve dee… Listen now

Health Star Center Stage

Mark Lewis came into your living rooms here in the Valley for 20 years as a sportscaster on NBC Channel 12 KPNX and as the Host of We’ve Got Your Game that was taped before a live audience at Casino… Listen now

Healthcare with The Mayor

Dave Pratt is a member of the Broadcaster’s Hall of Fame and the owner of Star Worldwide Networks, one of the fastest growing internet radio and TV Networks in the nation. Over 3 decades, “Dave … Listen now

Hospice of the Valley with Lin Sue Cooney

Hospice of the Valley with Lin Sue Cooney Listen now

The Dr. Jennifer King Show

Jennifer King, M.D. specializes in primary care and treating the whole person. Her listeners will receive the most current research on various health topics from how to get more zzzzz's (sleep) to fin… Listen now

The GymWits Podcast

COMING SOON! The GymWits Podcast is a discussion of all things fitness. At their core, the GymWits are about making health and fitness accessible to everyone. The fitness industry is plagued by myt… Listen now

The Fat-Burning Man Show by Abel James

COMING SOON! Hey there, thanks for stopping by. My name is Abel, and a few years ago, I made some alarming discoveries. I learned that almost everything that I thought I knew about health, nutritio… Listen now

Bulletproof Radio

Bulletproof Executive Radio was born out of a fifteen-year single-minded crusade to upgrade the human being using every available technology. It distills the knowledge of world-class MDs, biochemists,… Listen now

Half Size Me

COMING SOON!! The Half Size Me™ Show is a weekly podcast focused on helping you lose weight and get healthy in a real, sustainable, and maintainable way. Host Heather Robertson interviews real pe… Listen now

Yoga Peeps

COMING SOON!!! I practice yoga as part of my daily meditation, as internal massage, energy boost, and to feel good. Life without yoga, is like a day without sun. While practicing massage therapy, i… Listen now

ArizonaCCC Doc-Talk

Arizona Center for Cancer Care is the most technologically advanced center in Arizona. Multi-Specialty cancer care covers all modalities of both radiation treatment and medical oncology. The missi… Listen now