World Music Stage Radio Top 10 Countdown

World Music Stage Radio Top 10 Countdown is poised to become the juggernaut of new music distribution.  We’re about  indie music, the emerging artists that make the music, and the fans that support them.  And best of all, we get to play a part in making dreams come true. From the internet, to social media and World  Music Stage Radio, we’re taking exciting musical talent from around the globe, channeling it to every corner of the world and straight to your playlist with a download that directly supports the artist.       

Every Saturday expect to be amazed as you tune in to hear legendary radio performer Dave Pratt as he introduces World Music Stage Radio’s top 10 weekly picks, hosts interviews with celebrity guests and emerging artists. Connect via satellite radio and mobile/internet platforms as we get right to the good stuff; music from every genre, culture and country.  No homogenized music on this station!  Here is where you connect with the best new talent you’ve ever heard as their sound touches the world.  And we mean that literally with a long-term goal to give back to music through collaborations with non-profits that support music education and healing.  Together we’re breaking the sound barrier in more ways than one!   

World Music Stage Radio is your conduit to the world’s best new music and the platform for artists looking for their lucky break. Every well-known artist started ‘somewhere;’ we plan to be the ‘somewhere’ that is everywhere for every music artists out there who dared to believe in their dream. We believe in them and so will you!  Join us in breaking the sound barrier.



Grant Noel (CEO, founder)

How does a computer and financial whiz go from the boardroom to the founder of the fastest growing worldwide indie music platform?   It’s called “creative disruption”.

“We’re using today’s technology, interactive social platforms and new media (satellite radio) to elevate an artists’ exposure and fan engagement.” says Grant Noel, CEO and founder of World Music Stage.  The company’s tagline, ‘Breaking the Sound Barrier’ refers to their mission to disrupt the flow of traditional marketing strategies in the music industry by essentially putting the artist in the driver’s seat of his/her career.  The concept is catching on like fire.

Responsible for the company’s overall vision and strategy as well as day-to-day operations, Grant’s focus since the beginning has been to inspire fan and artist participation by  developing a simple and thoughtful platform.  As a result World Music Stage is attracting a global community of artists and fans who share more than the world’s music on the platform; everyone becomes a player in someone’s dream. 

Prior to founding World Music Stage, Grant worked for major computer companies and financial institutions, but his passion has always been music, and his inspiration, the artists who create the magic. Grant refers to music as ‘a force to be reckoned with’ as it’s the only artform that stimulates both sides of the brain.  A would-be musician for the past 15 years, he has met hundreds of talented artists, and if he has realized anything, it’s that music is meant to be shared and dreams of making it should be and are possible. “That’s why I created World Music Stage, a place dedicated to discovering and sharing new music and making dreams come true.”