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Create Indestructible Wealth

Join Paul Mata every Wednesday as he shares easy tips and strategies that traditional financial advisors won’t tell you about creating indestructible wealth. Each hi-energy show will pull back the curtain to the financial industry, and help you become exceptionally savvy about your finances so you can make, sustain, and protect your wealth in any economy.


You will hear about the techniques Paul uses himself and his clients, and how you can use these strategies to create indestructible wealth for yourself.


Paul R. Mata is the creator of Create Indestructible Wealth an innovative system which teaches people how to have an abundant and prosperous life without taking excessive risks.


Paul’s background includes working for a Wall Street firm for over two decades as a senior financial advisor, certified financial planner, and managing principal, working with thousands of clients and personally managing over $50 million worth of assets.


In his presentations, Paul shares numerous stories of his days at the Wall Street firm, and how he spent those years becoming an expert in asset allocation, investment planning, retirement strategies, estate planning, insurance, tax optimization and minimization strategies, and asset protection.


Paul has worked with all types of clients, from people who were just starting out and starting to save for a goal or objective, to business owners, retired individuals, and multi millionaires.


Paul is also an entrepreneur and has created multiple successful real estate development companies, an insurance agency, a tax-prep company, an administrative support and entity management company, and an online healthy gourmet cuisine company.


Paul has combined his backgrounds in both financial advising and business establishment and is now a professional speaker and author promoting his indestructible wealth system all over the country, teaching individuals, retirees, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and the self employed how to create indestructible wealth: a wealth that they can never lose. He does this by exposing what traditional financial planners would never tell their clients.


Because money and finances are such an integral part of our lives (we think about it all the time), Paul believes that everyone should become financial experts, and his educational system is designed to help people master their money.


Paul also speaks to financial advisors on how to create stronger client relationships and additional revenue streams to increase their bottom line, college students about building a foundation for financial success, and at numerous seminars, associations, and conferences, teaching entrepreneurs how they can build indestructible wealth by creating multiple revenue streams.

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