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What’s Your Story?



“Ghost Boy.” It’s a story about a man trapped in his own body for twelve years. He’s aware of the world around him, but he can’t utter a word. This ain’t fiction, boys and girls. It’s the stone cold true story of Martin Pistorious. He did break out of his internal prison, and he wrote the book himself.


Damn, Di Bianco! What a depressing way to invite people to your radio show! Far from it, friends. My show, “What’s Your Story?” offers you fun, liberation, and joy.


You see, “Ghost Boy” is an illuminating mirror for you and me. Don’t we all have dreams, great ideas, and valuable messages to share with the world? Messages that can enrich others, and, even create wealth for us? Of course we do.


The thing is that we often struggle to communicate the gems we have inside. Sometimes, we open our mouths, and the words we send out land like gibberish on people’s ears. That’s crappy. It hurts. It can even keep us broke.


I’m Louis Di Bianco, your story guy. “What’s Your Story?” is your show. It will help you discover, unleash, and share your unique personal and business stories with the world.

You will learn great stuff that can add value to your life and your business. And, you’ll have fun. I promise that. Laughter and fun are part of my DNA.


Why should you believe me and listen to me? Because I’ve been telling engaging stories since I was a kid in the Bronx. In fact, storytelling kept me alive in that concrete jungle. Storytelling was my ticket out of the Bronx into a wider and richer world.


As an adult, I got good enough at storytelling to get paid big bucks for spinning yarns on the big screen, on TV, and in theaters around the world. I’ve told funny stories, sad stories, true stories, crime stories, and great bullshit stories.


Tune in to my show every week. Let my story bring out and enrich your story. Together, we can tell unforgettable stories that will educate, entertain, and, maybe, even contribute to a better world.

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