The Cannabis Reporter Radio Show

The Cannabis Reporter Radio Show is a weekly radio broadcast created to raise awareness in order to engender more widespread acceptance of the cannabis movement. We reach beyond marijuana advocates to also appeal to those who may be unaware, uninformed, skeptical or opposed to marijuana in general. We do this by featuring intelligent, engaging guests including cannabis pioneers, policy makers, celebrity advocates, lawyers, medical practitioners, moms and patients and marijuana experts who lend a high level of respectability, professionalism and/or credibility to the topic. 

Cannabis is arguably one of the most useful, sustainable and healing plant resources on earth. Safer than alcohol and healthier than most pharmaceuticals on the market today, more and more people are now in favor of ending the 80-year prohibition. Like so many of the guests we feature, we endeavor to end the negative stigma associated with marijuana culture and shift the perception paradigm so that the industry can continue to grow and thrive for greater good.

The Cannabis Reporter Radio Show broadcast is syndicated in multiple markets nationally on XRQK Radio Network affiliates, and on numerous community radio stations subscribed to Airtime America KU Satellite Radio Network programming feeds. Terrestrial radio enables us to reach diverse and conservative-leaning talk radio audiences so that we aren’t just “preaching to the choir” about the importance of ending prohibition of cannabis. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or cannabis newcomer, an advocate or staunchly opposed, you’ll find The Cannabis Reporter Radio Show both informative and thoroughly engaging.

Snowden Bishop is a seasoned author, journalist, photographer and producer with works published worldwide.  Her career began in the fast-paced environment of broadcast journalism. She “cut her teeth” in FM radio stations where she hosted popular radio shows as a drive-time disc jockey and wrote, produced and anchored nightly news at a progressive rock radio station KWWC in Columbia, Missouri where she attended journalism school. She transitioned into television news after being recruited by a San Diego NBC affiliate, KCST-TV, where she worked as an evening news assignment reporter. She later returned to Missouri to accept a new position as the anchor of the “Today Show” cut-ins and morning news at NBC affiliate, KCBJ-TV. A job offer to co-host a national youth-oriented talk show at CBS Television Studios transported her to Los Angeles. Days before the show premiered, the network cut budgets on all new programming to stave off a hostile takeover. The cancellation prompted a new career behind-the-scenes in television and film production.

Snowden has since held a myriad of positions ranging from production staff to executive in talent relations, programming and production for major media companies including CastleRock, HBO, Warner Bros. and EMI/Capitol. She has worked with legendary icons in music, television, film and theater. Independent production opportunities she could not refuse lead her to form her own media company, Bishop Arts & Media (a.k.a. BAM Productions) in 1998. As principal of BAM, Snowden became an award-winning producer and author of films, documentaries and live theatrical projects ranging in budget from $5 Thousand to $6 Million stemming from relationships with HBO and Warner Bros. In industry circles, she became known for innovative campaigns she created to promote her productions as well as her masterful storytelling and editorial skills, which garnered a following of high-profile clients for ghostwriting, marketing and editorial services.

In 2009, she relocated to Arizona and founded BEAM Global Media to pursue projects aligned with her personal mission to enlighten the world, one word at a time. Since then, she has served as editor-in-chief and co-publisher of several niche publications. In 2014, she produced the worldwide streaming presentation of a major three-day festival live from Las Vegas.

A burning desire to raise awareness about the cannabis movement led to the 2016 launch of The Cannabis Reporter, a new online publication. The Cannabis Reporter Radio Show marks Snowden’s return to broadcasting in front of the mic. Her weekly radio show gives voice to her extraordinary editorial vision and passion for social justice, sustainability and compassionate care.

Exceptionally knowledgeable about sustainability, environmental issues and wildlife conservation, Snowden is frequently invited to speak at events and occasionally co-host radio shows. She is a juried member of the Society of Environmental Journalists and Climate Reality Project’s esteemed Climate Leadership Corps – one of only four featured Climate Leaders to represent the organization in South African media after intensive training there with former Vice-President Al Gore. She dedicates countless hours of pro bono service advocating for environmental, animal welfare and humanitarian causes. For more than a decade, she served as documentarian and legislative lobbyist for The Paw Project and, since 2009, she has served on the Board of Directors of Friends of Africa International where, as its current Vice Chairman, she oversees conservation, development and humanitarian projects.

More than 75% of adults believe we should have access to medical marijuana, while more than half of the people in the U.S. believe that it should be legalized like alcohol. Unfortunately, there are still powerful lobbies that prevent our representatives from enacting marijuana law reform. While medical marijuana is legal in 29 states, millions of people are suffering with conditions that could be relieved or cured with cannabis treatment. Despite mounting evidence that marijuana has multiple medical uses, it is still classified as a Schedule 1 narcotic, alongside LSD, meth, heroin and other narcotics that have no known medical use.

However, most people aren’t aware that our bodies have an endo-cannabinoid system, which naturally makes cannabis vital to our emotional, mental and physical health. Nor do they realize that industrial hemp, the non-psychotropic cousin of marijuana, is a carbon-consuming plant that can be harvested to sustainably make paper, motor oil, fuel, plastic, building materials, carbon fiber, canvas, fine textiles, CBD medicine and foods rich in Omega-3 and other healing nutrients. Americans buy billions of dollars in imported products made of hemp, but American farmers have been prohibited from growing it since the 1930s. Despite the fact that hemp can’t get anyone high, it is also considered a Schedule 1 narcotic here in the U.S., something advocates have tried to change for decades.

The Cannabis Reporter Radio Show was created to raise awareness and engender support of the movement to make cannabis available for medical, industrial and responsible adult use. Until more people begin to see the value and emerge from the shadows with strong advocacy, Washington politicians will continue to oppress the movement. We hope to inspire change on a federal level.