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Welcome to CodeRed-i Radio, a weekly show that is multi-generational take on tech & business. The general dynamics of companies and cultures are changing at the intersection of traditional business and a new technologically savvy society. Join Tech Entrepreneur, aka the "Apportunist CEO", and all around consumer, Tina Machado, each week as she talks tech and discusses transparency within the industry with today's enterprising tech leaders, entrepreneurs and boundary.

Joining Tina, will be global digital strategist, Matt Gottesman, Founder & Editor-In-Chief of Hustle & Deal Flow™, an online publication dedicated to entrepreneurs, makers and creators from around the world.


CodeRed-i is a mobile app development company in North Scottsdale dedicated to strengthening the technology industry in Arizona to create the next major hub for app and game devepolment.

We take our mobile apps serious, and more importantly, our customers. Click the below on how we approach turning your ideas into a reality.

CodeRed-I Process from Code Red-I on Vimeo.

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