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Chef Cody’s Culinary Adventures

Chef Cody's Legendary MeetUp Blog

Three great and very popular quick and easy-read books from Cody and Linda (pictured right)


2.20.2016 - Aridus Wine Pairing  Scottsdale Tasting Room
3.16.2016 - Cooking Class at Food Conspiracy Coop

Watch for Chef Cody's incredible live culinary events on TV and in person! 

Chef Cody’s Culinary Adventures is a worldwide radio show plus a video program featuring Linda and Cody James of Manhattan Catering LLC

He and Linda highlight/visit local food and beverage businesses such as wineries, breweries, farmer’s markets, food coops, farms, etc. The goal of the show is to explore the indigenous products from around the country in unique old world ways with a 21 Century Twist. Chef Cody demonstrates and pairs his discoveries with his vast culinary repertoire and offers the featured business the opportunity to discuss their passions with the audience.   

Our 1st year goal with CCCA is to explore the State of AZ and work our way into surrounding states focusing on their unique products.


Chef Cody’s Bio

Chef Cody’s creations have graced tables in deluxe, fine dining restaurants in the U.S. and globally. His insightful grasp of the culinary peculiarities of various food cultures is evident in his mastery of the world’s most popular cuisines.  Chef Cody is a consummate chef in Italian, French, German, Asian, or food group-specific cookery such as vegetarian and vegan.

Chef Cody’s Culinary Adventures started in Milwaukee WI at the Grenadier’s Restaurant under the tutelage of Chef Knut Apitz. Wow! Chef Apitz sparked the culinary travel bug in Chef Cody and sent him on international culinary apprenticeships around the world! In Chef Cody’s skillful hands, multicultural cooking techniques are seamlessly fused with a new genre of flavors in contemporary culinary art. 

Linda James Incredible Recipe Blog

Linda James Bio 

Linda James is the woman who helps make Manhattan Catering LLC such a success.“Behind every great man, there’s a great woman”, and Linda is living up to that notion. She’s the producer of “Chef Cody’s Culinary Adventures” and is actively involved in all aspects of the business, from booking locations to preparing for events. Not only is she a great producer, Linda is an excellent baker, Farmer’s Daughter, Grandma of 8, Mother of 3, Sister of 6, Aunt, Granddaughter, friend to many and a darn good psych nurse!

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